Corporate OSMF Μembership

Corporate OSMF membership

You can start your corporate membership with the OpenStreetMap Foundation by filling out the form below.

Corporate members may attend OSMF general meetings but they do not have a vote.

The Corporate Membership Tiers

Supporter (€500 / year)
    Your name on the OSMF web site
    Show support for the OSM Foundation
    Attend OSMF General Meetings

Bronze (€1,500 / year)
All supporter level benefits, plus:
    First access to SotM sponsorship opportunities
    Name and logo on OSMF web site.

Silver (€4,000 / year)
All bronze level benefits, plus:
    One joint press release annually

Gold (€10,000 / year)
All Silver level benefits, plus:
    A seat on the OSMF Advisory Board

Platinum (€20,000 / year)
All Gold level benefits, plus:
    Invite a board member for an in-house presentation about OpenStreetMap (you pay for travel / lodging)

Join the OSM Foundation as a Corporate Member
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