Application form for financial hardship

The OSMF membership fee was designed to be a small amount of money. However, we recognize that this fee can be an unreasonable burden for some people. If this is the case for you, you can use this form to ask for a fee waiver. Explain your contribution to the OpenStreetMap project and why the membership is an unreasonable burden for you. Currently, the board decides on a case by case basis who is eligible. If you are from a country which lacks suitable money transfer, you can use the fee waiver form for lack of suitable money transfer instead.

Share Your Contribution to the Foundation

We ask for your OSM user name because we require that you are an “active mapper” as defined in the Contributor Terms. That means you must have edited OpenStreetMap in three different calendar months in the last twelve months. This will be checked by looking at your OSM edit history for your user name. Furthermore, please explain your situation and also share the scope of how you are contributing to OpenStreetMap in the text box below. The Board will take this information into account.


Both hardship and contribution will be taken into consideration. The board will decide on your particular case then. Please provide the Board with enough information to decide.

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