Application form for active OpenStreetMap contributor membership (non-mapping)

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We expect a contribution to the OpenStreetMap project which is comparable in effort to an average mapper contributing at least on 42 days of the year to OpenStreetMap. Please explain your activities over the past year below, and the board will make the final decision on your application. We require that your activities were not paid for the purpose of this active contributor membership.

For more information on the conditions see

If you are an active mapper with 42 or more mapping days in the last 365 days, please use the other form for active mapping contributors.

Information on voting for the 2021 board election:
Please note that new members who join from 2021-09-12 to 2021-12-11 (annual general meeting of OSMF) are not eligible to vote at the 2021 board election, according to our Articles of Association. They can attend the annual general meeting and  subsequent public board meetings and participate in email discussions. They will be eligible to vote at the 2022 board elections, once they renew their memberships, if needed. Thanks for understanding.